When you stand and stare in bewilderment at the pork in the supermarket, thinking about all the sauces, seasonings and spices you’ll need to work with to give flavour to your “good value” purchase, why not consider instead buying locally produced free range rare breed pork and preparing it simply so that you can really taste the flavoursome meat?

Of course, you can jazz it up without losing the free range texture and flavour, it’s just that you don’t have to.

Holly Farm sits next to the ancient acid grasslands of Buxted Park, East Sussex and is bordered by the river Uck.  Our pigs range at their own discretion and love the mud, but run indoors when it starts raining.  They are fed on locally grown and milled GM free cereal, whey and vegetables in addition to whatever tasty morsels they can forage for.

We are currently raising Saddlebacks, Berkshires and Saddleback x Durocs but we’ve also had Tamworths and Oxford Sandy and Blacks.  All have distinct characters and habits but end up tasting equally delicious according to our critics.

In stock we usually have roasting joints, gammon joints and steaks, bacon, tenderloins, diced shoulder, hocks and trotters as well as sausages.

To order, please email any requirements to home@hollyfarmbuxted.co.uk or just ask to join our mailing list to be advised when we have fresh meat.

Alternatively, call us on 07932 104890 for a rapid response and free local delivery.

Holly Farm
A Happy Pig is a Tasty Pig”